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No return To comfort zone

installation including 35mm slide projections, duration ~13 minutes, 2019

stills from the installation which was part of the Slade Graduate Degree Show 2019

It can take 13 minutes, it can take 1440 minutes, it will be a different story every time. Whatever you find, it is about the story you can imagine. Not the truth. There is this gap between the parts that doesn’t allow us to find who we actually are. Always searching and giving up. We are what they made us eat, what they made us read, made us watch, made us repeat, made us breathe. We are all like silkworms, like bees that need to be exploited for what they can produce. Ugly, but useful. Organised in these systems that don’t work for us. Beauty. Body control, mind control and everyone is out of control. The heartbeat is not consistent any more. Can we start from the beginning? I don’t believe there is a return to the comfort zone.

© Elena Andreea Teleaga

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